Thoughts :: Why I stopped publishing in Portuguese

January 27th, 2019
A hippo in a flower field.

I just stopped publishing in Portuguese, and translated all my website’s base structure to English. No multilanguage support.

Why did I do that?

I’m not pretending to be a native English speaker, not even denying my lusophone origin. I’ve simply surrendered.

My site has a very few readers, and the reason for it lies on the recent events in Brazil.

I was focusing my posts on the Brazilian audience, but for the last three years the Brazilian people has proved to be mostly ordinary, lowly intelligent, unaware, and fascist. So I was talking to dead minds.

Therefore, I just gave up, and I decided to talk to a wider audience.

I really don’t like English. I don’t like its grammar, its spelling, its phonetics (how it sounds and the differences between written and said), but, unfortunately, nowaday the language to reach people is the English.

In addition, I’ve started publishing my posts in the Medium, which is a world-wide platform.

I hope this will clarify the issue.

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