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April 12th, 2019
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Heaven vs Hell

There are two heavens. One is the servees’, the other is the servers’.

The Servees’ Heaven

The servees hadn’t necessarily been masters or served in life. They just believe they deserve to be. They are better people, respected citizens, right people.

The servees expect respect and awe. They simply deserve it. The heaven is the place where they’d receive everything they might earned.

They dislike the servants, being with servants is a torture. The servees that were served in life tolerated the servants present in exchange for being served.

The servant servees were martyrs, enduring their condition, expecting to be paid in heaven.

So, for servees, the servers’ heaven is the hell. Imagine spending the eternity along with servants?!

The Servers’ Heaven

In contrast, the servers are that people who feel good helping others. They serve for pleasure.

If the servees are the right people, the servers must be the left: in life they were not necessarily servants, but they still served. Not for credit, but just because they like. The act is the payment itself for them, it’s part of them.

Same or Different

After life in heaven, there are two heavens. One for servees, other for servers.


The both heavens are pretty the same in certain aspects: in both, there is a free feast for joy of all; in both, every guest has the arms reversed, turned back.

There is a curious difference between the heavens: in the servees’ one, they all are sad, unable to feed themselves with arms turned back. But, in the servers’, everybody’s glad.


Every servee waits for someone to serve him (or her). He/she deserves, he/she expects, but no one ever comes.

In other hand, in the servers’ heaven, everyone serves each other, thus nobody is starving, everyone gets fed.

In short: the only difference between heaven and hell is who’s there.

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