Thoughts :: You’re an idiot (so am I)

April 23rd, 2020
A hippo in a flower field.

Why are conspiracy theories so attractive? Flat Earth, anti-vaccine, historical and science denialism…

All those conspiracy theories share a common aspect: they (awarely intend to) make you feel cleverer and special.

Everyone wanna find oneself special. Thinking that you know something that nobody else knows makes you feel special – or pretending that you know.

The hard truth is nobody’s special, there’s no concealed sooth or hidden great treat indeed.

Thereat every information that makes you feel special or cleverer tends to be false. On the other hand, that information that makes you say “That’s so simple! How could I’ve been so stupid?” tends to be the right one.

Anyone who’s not fear of finding oneself idiot becomes less idiot every time he or she finds himself or herself an idiot.

Anyone who’s seeking to find oneself special stays aye an idiot.

That’s very convenient… idiot people are cattle. You’re not paid to think. A mindless worker is a happy worker! Shut up and do your job!

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