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June 14th, 2020
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Why may you pay a hundred (or hundreds of) dollars for a famous band’s show, but only some quarters for a local band’s?

The answer lies on a kinda addiction, a psychopathology indeed: people can’t decide for themselves, they need someone to tell ’em which’s right and which‘s wrong.

Without an authority telling what they must like, people get confused and lost.

So, back in 50’s, the Rock’n’Roll got exposed to the mainstream media, starting the first Rock’s boom, that lasted until the end of the 70’s.

That gave a lesson to the music industry: they needed to classify, label, and fit into a box every future musical expression, in order to control it.

And it happened that way in 90’s: the second Rock’s boom was industry driven. Only the songs that fit into the music industry’s desirability could come to the mainstream light.

As well as the bands could be successful only under industry’s terms, their songs was controlled too: even when a band had 2 or 3 hits got into the media, if the rest sounded unlike them, the band tended to be forgotten – literally driven to oblivion. The music industry doesn’t tolerate diversity.

So we grow up programmed to depend on the music industry to tell us what we must like or dislike.

That program tells us that famous band worths a hundred dollar ticket, but the local one – as good and qualified as the first – doesn’t. We don’t even question it.

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