Thoughts :: Reverse Racism and other lies they’ve been told you

August 1st, 2020
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Reverse Racism is the idea that oppressed people get grown prejudice agaist their oppressors applied to the ethnical bias.

That idea fails in a set of misunderstood concepts and mistakes.

Prejudice comes from pre-judgment, a judgment taken before (pre-) the factual knowledge.

When a white person’s affraid of being struck by an unknown black person based only in his/her skin colour, that fear has no support, nothing to justify.

However, when black people are affraid of white violence, that fear is due to half a thousand years of slavery, physical, psychologic and cultural violence, kidnapping and rape.

That’s not prejudice, ’cause it’s not a priori. It’s a posteriori, fruit from cause.

You can see the very same situation with misandry, normalphobia, antifapath, Christophobia, and so on. Those are lies created by oppressive people in order to mislead others to accept the False Equivalence.

The False Equivalence Fallacy defrauds a non-existent equivalence between oppressor and oppressed, as if the fear of white people keeping stretching black people as they’ve always been done is the same fear of black people begining to stretch white people as they’ve never done.

As if the women’s fear of being raped by a man, as always happens, is the same fear that a man’ll be sexually abused.

Every man is a potential rapist. We have the tools for that. Empathise and know how a woman sees us and why.

I’m autistic, and I was psychologically wiped out all my life. Whence I got rage against eugenics. My hatred of fascists is a posteriori, and I extend it to misogynists, racists, homophobics, atheophobics, and all kinds of who has wrecked other’s life by prejudice – aware or not.

The intolerant must not be tolerated, the Fascism has no right to be. Prejudice is a priori, when a posteriori it’s self-defense – you just can’t compare isolated exceptions to the norm.

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