The Chaos

Oct. 30th, 2020
Musician, senior software engineer, autistic person, and autistic parent - not necessarily in 𝓭𝓲𝓼 𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓻

I’ve been chaotic my whole life, everything I’ve done wrong was trying to put some order in it.

Until I got an epiphany: I am the chaos, ’cause the universe is chaos.

People are afraid of the the chaos ’cause they are evil, thereat they need rules (order) to keep’em in line. What they dunno (or pretend notta know) is that the order‘s just an excuse for them to be evil.

— Not my fault, only following orders.

That sentence enables bad people to do bad things. Like if that was okay! Everything is gonna be alright as long as we follow the rules – or maybe not.

The evil is evil, even under order.

The only way to defeat the evil is making peace with one’s inner demons. Remember demons are fallen angels – well… not exactly. They’re more to falling angels.

It’s because the fall of angels isn’t passed, it happens inside us everyday, all the time.

If you stop throwing angels, they stop falling. If you make peace with the demons, they stop hauntin’ ya.

And the evil ceases to exist.

That’s why I can be chaos, ’cause I know my demons.

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