An Atypical School

Sep. 24th, 2021
Musician, senior software engineer, autistic, and autistic parent - not necessarily in 𝓭𝓲𝓼 𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓮𝓻

Atypical mind, typical world

I’m telling you a personal fresh case.

This week I and my wife were looking at the school camera images, and we saw a teacher grabbing our son’s arm fiercely.

We also saw an autistic girl left helpless on the yard.

We immediately contacted the principal for an explanation, and the principal literally threatened us telling the camera records had no registered aggression.

We insisted in seeing the records, and the principal called us to the school for a talk.

Meanwhile we told the autistic girl’s mother what was happening.

When we got to the school, the principal said that there was no camera record for we to see, and call my wife hysterical, a clear misogyne.

But I’m a man, and our misogynist society doesn’t call men hysterical. So I said I saw the same as my wife. The principal replied the teachers was too busy to act properly.

I responded therefore the school staff is insufficient.

The principal’s reaction was ridiculously emotional: she said I have no right to question her decisions about the staff, that it’s her competence – or incompetence according to my assessment.

Let’s repeat the principal’s argument in clearer words: I, the contracting party, have no right to question the contracted service – get it? My part in the contract is nothing but paying the bill and shutting up. 😡

D’ya remember we told the helpless girl’s mother what had happened to her?

The principal said it’s perfectly normal an autistic child being left alone, and she (the principal) barely could sleep at night knowing the child’s mother is aware of what was happening to her child.

Take heed: leaving an autistic child helpless on the yard isn’t reason to lose the sleep, but it is due the mother to know it. 😖

In other words: the principal has no emotional condition to deal with the reality, her particular truth cannot be confronted, and the facts must be discarded.

It looks like I’m complaining in vain, assaulting a single person’s honour. Contrariwise I’m drawing a culture scenery.

In Brazil, social inclusion is taken as welfarism; expertise is synonymous with hiding facts and evidences; children are left by themselves… it’s important to make money and be normal.

…Be normal…

Originally published in Medium.